High Voltage is currently booking shows. This is our 10th year of bringing you the most authentic sounding AC/DC tribute in the Bay Area. Thank you for ROCKING with us...! Please contact

as we would love to play some more killer parties and clubs this year.

The Stork Club
Oakland, CA
09/06/14 - (9:30 - 10:30)
Supporting Damage Inc (Metallica Tribute)

New Ray's Lounge
Martinez, CA
Sat 07/05/14
An evening of AC/DC

Rohnert Park, CA
Fri. 06/20/14
with Electric Funeral (Black Sabbath Tribute)

El Verano Inn
Sonoma, CA
Sat 05/03/14
Sideshow Bob (Founding Member) Rides Again
With Paulie Hips and the Child Bearers

Ray's Lounge
Martinez, CA
Sat 04/12/14
An evening of AC/DC

Ray's Lounge
Martinez, CA
Sat 02/15/14 - Valentines Weekend
An evening of AC/DC

Wild Idol
Byron, CA
Sat 01/18/14
An evening of AC/DC Classics

Past Shows